Batch Geocoding

import multiple locations from CSV


access the address list, markers and maps from anywhere, and anytime on your mobile device

Tablet Google Maps

Add, move, or change marker color fast on your tablet


divide your data into "groups" (sets of data whose values fall into specific categories) and set each group to a different color


Process up to 200 records per minute


Easy to use

Let’s dive into the details

Edit marker title

You can edit marker title/description or group by ‘long click’ on marker info.


You can show only one group of makers by selecting ‘Group’ from app menu.


You can share your map via Google+ or email by selecting ‘Share’ from app menu.

Move marker

After manually adding your markers, it is possible to re-position them or delete them.
Move operation can be undone by selecting Undo on Batch Geocode’s menu..

Delete marker

You can also delete a pushpin. Do this by ‘long click’ on required location on ‘Locations list’.

Take a snapshot

You can do a snapshot of your map and save it on device external storage by selecting ‘Screenshot’ from app menu.

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